The Many Moods Of Belafonte

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LP mono RCA LPM-2574
LP stereo RCA LSP-2574
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Orchestra conducted by William Eaton
Ernie Calabria
- guitar, Millard Thomas - guitar,  Jay Berliner - guitar, Hugh Masekela - trumpet, John Cartwright - bass, Norman Keenan - bass, Bill Salter - bass, Percy Brice - drums, Ralph MacDonald - percussion, Auchee Lee - percussion, Danny Barrajanos - percussion and Julio Collazo - percussion

1 Tongue Tie Baby # 3:51
2 Who's Gonna Be Your Man # 3:42
3 'Long About Now # 3:55
4 Bamotsweri # (w. Miriam Makeba) 2:33
5 I'm On My Way To Saturday # 2:45
6 Betty An' Dupree # 5:19
7 Summertime Love # 3:58
8 Lyla, Lyla # 3:26
9 Zombie Jamboree # 3:35
10 Try To Remember # 3:24
11 Dark As A Dungeon # 4:15

Belafonte's follow-up album to The Midnight Special is another record stressing the diversity of world music. This time, a small combo accompanies Belafonte on the various tracks, as opposed to the big band approach of his last album. Several crowd-pleasers were introduced on this album for the first time: the calypso "Zombie Jamboree," awhich soon replaced "Matilda" as Belafonte's epic audience participation song; and the showtune "Try to Remember," from the off-Broadway show The Fantasticks. The two highlights on the album are both songs dealing with American folk music. "Betty an' Dupree" is a classic murder ballad in the tradition of "Frankie and Johnny," performed with the intensity the subject matter commands. Country-western composer Merle Travis' "Dark as a Dungeon," a protest song dealing with the dreary, bitter life of the coal miner was inadvertantly recorded during a thunderstorm, giving the song a dose of ominous spontaneity. Two of Belafonte's proteges from South Africa are also featured: singer Miriam Makeba and jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela. Some of the ballads are weak when compared to the more dramatic highlights, but still, this is a very satisfying album. ~ Cary Ginell, All Music Guide

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